In God We Trust

There’s no doubt that the economy is getting tight, and there’s no doubt that some of the downward spiral will continue to be caused by low confidence in the economy. We can see faith at work in our economy. There was faith (or hope?) when Americans went on a stock buying feeding frenzy that drove dot com stocks through the roof. That bubble was abruptly burst seven years ago. How about the faith we Americans took in a housing craze which was fueled by easy credit which created a bubble…that burst.

What Americans need now is REAL faith. This morning I received emails from two separate, fairly discerning people. I don’t get much garbage email from these two like; “send this email to twelve friends or you’ll immediately perish”. Their emails usually have substance…or at least are pretty funny. The email I got from each of them was the same…a laundry list of retail store closings for ’08 and ’09. I looked at this and thought “and the point is….?” Then I thought, “is this accurate?” then, “what’s the context of this article?” I spent a few minutes checking the referenced sources and found some inconsistencies but for the most part, the information seemed accurate. However, (not to diminish the closings) businesses close or restructure all the time. I think publishing an extensive list of doom and gloom, without a little perspective isn’t very helpful. Bottom line is this, any list covering 15 months of business restructuring throughout the entire US would be (and probably should be) extensive in a free market. With all that said, that’s not the point of my writing.
My point is that what we need right now is faith that the world isn’t coming to an end, that America is bigger than whatever it is that’s happening here and that it will be alright. Is my glass half full? Probably, but the alternative is just no fun. I find myself much more at peace with the world by not consuming a steady diet of force-fed-fear via TV, radio, and news outlets. I choose what goes into my head, go to work every day, and spend my dollars. I can only control my corner of the world, not global macro-economics. The fact is this, that’s all you can do too. Rejoice in that freedom, revel in that piece of responsibility, and give the rest to God.

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