Book Review: The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

The Principle of the Path takes the reader through a variety of Andy Stanley’s life stories and biblical stories to illustrate a scarce few points of the book. Don’t take the word scarce as criticism; I think the author’s point was to be very focused on a few things. To hammer truth into the audience.

I enjoyed the book. Stylistically it was easy to read and some parts were fun and humorous. Other parts were serious and he was able to hit home with me.

The book does a nice job of communicating the concept of personal responsibility. He states that we make individual decisions but those are not exclusive events. They are made in support of a path we are currently on or path we are about to take. That path will lead somewhere, so look beyond the decision and consider the path.

Don’t expect a complicated message in this book. You won’t need to sit with a dictionary next to you as you read. It’s all very clear. Andy Stanley’s writing is so clear and the message is so simple that I wonder how many will miss the point. I think Andy fears that too which results in a subtle, but continuous pounding. I say well done.

There is a Study Guide at the end of the book which is helpful. I found myself having to go back through the book to find answers. As a result, I found deeper meaning in the messages. I would recommend reviewing the Study Guide.

After completing the book I was reminded of a concept from John Maxwell’s book, Today Matters, where he tells us that we all only make a few major decisions in our life and we spend the rest of our life managing those decisions. For example, I chose to marry my wife “till death do us part”. That was a major decision and I make choices daily to manage that decision of commitment. I think this book has a very similar meaning. We choose paths (financially, spiritually, relationally, etc) and spend the rest of our days making the right decisions to stay on that right path.


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