Book Review: Everyday Greatness by Stephen Covey & Readers Digest

A few months ago I received my copy of Everyday Greatness. I began reading it right away, immediately drawn to its format which allowed me to pick a subject to learn about. The book is not a continuous read; it’s a Readers Digest format which is to say it’s a collection of short (sometimes very short) stories.

Broad subjects titled; Searching for Meaning, Taking Charge, Starting Within, Creating the Dream, Teaming with Others, Overcoming Adversity, and Blending the Pieces are dissected further into traditional leadership topics like courage, disciple, humility, vision, innovation, respect, empathy, etc…
Each of the chapters are comprised of an introduction to the topic written by Covey, three demonstrative real-life stories (written by Readers Digest authors) that are often quite inspiring, a wrap-up & insights by Covey, and lastly quotes by other notable figures.
I found the book very enjoyable. As a teenager I frequently read articles in Readers Digest that my parents subscribed to so the format felt familiar to me. This book will be a good choice to leave out in the house for our kids to read or guests to pick-up during idle times. One can quickly get into and out of a topic or story. There’s not much commitment required with this book, which may be why I took so long to finish it and do this review. However, there is quality writing, strong stories, and powerful insights from a modern expert in leadership.

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