Is 1,000 too big?

The ‘old’ economy is dead. America’s industrial age is over.
Pensions are quickly becoming more extinct than Polar Bears…yet Al Gore doesn’t seem to care about that. Most 401ks have been reduced to a 201k… and I don’t know anyone that hasn’t lost confidence in the stock market. The trend in business is to outsource….scaling back their employee head count.

Get a pay increase above the ‘cost of inflation’ – right.
Getting an “increase” at the inflation rate – a few people.
Pay freezes – epidemic.
Pay cuts – they’re surging.
Layoffs, furloughs, staff reduction, job loss – everywhere.

If you haven’t begun thinking about a new, diverse income strategy you either; work for the government, are 55+ years old and have savings & believe in social security, are delusional
about your current opportunity, are in denial about domestic and global technological,
political, societal, & economic trends.

I believe we should all be thinking and acting differently.

Read this post by Seth Godin.

What does the idea of having 1,000 people in your tribe/ 1,000 true fans / 1,000 person community mean to you? Is this such a new idea you can’t wrap your head around it? You’ve got no product/service in mind so this is just white noise or conjecture that’s applicable to someone else?

I know that you don’t know 1,000 people, other than that what’s stopping you from thinking about this and beginning to act on it?

Squads of 1,000 people moving in the same direction can do revolutionary things.

What do you want to revolutionize?
(personally or otherwise)

2010 starts in a few days, what a great time to start.

What does the idea of having 1,000 people in your tribe/ 1,000 true fans / 1,000 person community mean to you? Let me know.


One comment

  1. Interesting post Dave. I'd like to have 1,000 Wisconsin Health Care employers who rally around my business. I'm building a recruitment marketplace for health care career opportunites in Wisconsin and if people come together around a central solution it can save costs and increase effectiveness for the entire group. The difficult part is persuading people to come follow me…because I'm fincially tied to their movements and thus biased.

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