Be the People, by Carol M. Swain – book review


At the outset of the book Ms. Swain writes, “I wrote this book for the millions of hard working, honest Americans who, like me, have deep concerns about the direction of our nation. Our country is allowing cultural elites to manipulate the public in harmful ways. With our tax dollars “We The People” support public policies and practices that are harmful to our society and to the nations we influence.”
This is a book every American should read. I believe you’ll at least get educated on some important issues and likely be moved towards her positions.
Ms. Swain brings much credibility to her case. She is currently Professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University. She was also a tenured professor at Princeton University. With pieces published in The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and other periodicals as well as guesting on networks like BBC, Fox, ABC, PBS it’s clear to see demand for her views.

One aspect I liked about the book was its relatively limited scope. Compared to other books of its genre the author keeps herself mostly within the confines of a few cultural & social issues and keeps away from too much political, economic, globalism, or conspiracy theories that seem to work their way into many books these days. We The People sets its base by exploring America’s founding. It then moves directly to issues that are eroding the core character of our country; abortion, traditional family structures, race and racism, and immigration.

It’s clear to me that Ms. Swain wants Americans to educate themselves as a catalyst to action. I applaud and agree with that philosophy. She ends each chapter with a list of recommended activities, resources to read. She also includes 90 pages of appendices, notes, and an index. Included are copies of our founding documents; The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. She also included the Ten Commandments.
Ms. Swain will satisfy those thirsty for references, statistics, and charts to substantiate her opinions. On the flip side she also gives us a touching look at her life growing up in dreadfully poor family in Virginia surrounded by the racism of the 60’s. By her testimony she’s earned the right to know when affirmative action may need an overhaul and that the color of a man’s skin shouldn’t be the first criteria when selecting him for office.
I applaud Ms. Swain for writing this book. The existing stereotypes in America wouldn’t expect a black woman who is a university professor that also writes for the Huffington Post to lean so hard to the right. I know that in her circles she must get criticism. However, to those critics I would whole heartedly agree with her. Let’s move past race, overcome the lies we tell ourselves, and get our country to a culture of personal responsibility based on biblical truths. Yes we are all equal, having individual rights, but not privilege, regardless of what the modern day American aristocracy is offering. For with that ‘security’ comes bondage.
Blessings to you,
Dave Stadel
I received this book for review direct from Thomas Nelson Publishing through

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