Changing Education Paradigms

This genesis of this post, today, is more by chance than anything. Leah authored a great blog post today and I was re-introduced to the video below.

I first saw the video last year, before Leah began home schooling our four daughters (our son attends a public high school).  At the time I agreed, in principle, with much of the content.  It seemed to make sense but it was another piece of information I consumed but wasn’t acting on.  Empty calories for the mind.

Now that we’re a few months into home schooling I’m fully convicted.  The positive behavioral and educational changes in the girls are becoming clear.  Leah’s blog will focus on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.  I encourage you to follow along.

The conveyor belt education system is truly a blessing and a curse for America.  A blessing because many kids receive and education that otherwise wouldn’t.  A curse because many kids will not get the best education they could because of batch educating according to age and not interests, learning style, temperament, values, culture, etc.

Our family is blessed to have the ability to teach our girls at home.  In order to make this a reality we’ve made short-term financial sacrifices, changes in association, and media sources.  We’ve surrounded ourselves with affirming friends and community.  We take advice from people that have success in this arena.  On an audio recording by Claude Hamilton, founding member of LIFE , he stated that “sacrifice is nothing but the production of sacred things”.  The education and character development of our children is sacred and worth producing…with intention.  I hope you find the video below thought provoking.

Blessings to you,
Dave Stadel


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