Lead Your Thinking

In Launching a Leadership Revolution by Woodward and Brady  state that the first of five levels in being a leader is learning.  Taking the personal leadership to decide to become a learner is critical.  By doing so you’ve begun to lead your thinking.  You’ve taken an active role to decide what will be input to your brain…..and that’s important!In our culture we’re surrounded by sounds, images, and words that convey messages (overt and covert) telling us about treating our bodies well and the beneficial results associated with those choices.  I ask, where in our culture are we being told that our brains are magnificent creations that also need to be fed and exercised properly?

Right now you may be getting visions of a late night commercial pitch-man telling you “you can do it”, or the self-help section of your local book store, or a college professor conning you into the concept of “lifelong learning”, or maybe in your head you’re hearing a radio ad for the annual motivation speaking circuit coming to town.  I admit those mediums (and stereotypes) can sometimes taint us.  However, that does not deny the truth of the matter which is; you can do it, you can do more, and your priorities & dreams related to family, finances, faith, freedom, friends, fun, fitness are worth getting better for.

Question 1.  Are you learning?

a. I am actively pursuing information that interests me, that can be applied to the benefit of myself and/or others.  Ideas are frequently created in my mind and these ideas and/or information have high potential to, or frequently do, add value to lives.

b. I consume information that is being served to me via electronic, oral, and paper mediums that keep my attention.  The information is not easily applied and rarely adds value to anyone I know.

c. I am a couch potato and fairly proud of it.

d. What?

Question 2.  Why should you be learning?
You should be actively learning because someone (spouse, child, family member, co-worker, or neighbor) is watching you and could use a good example right now.  Start learning something productive because our country and its economy needs smart people.  Start learning to build your self-confidence to achieve more.  Start learning to get ahead.

Begin learning.  Be intentional.  Identify a priority (family, finances, faith, freedom, friends, fun, fitness, following) in your LIFE and begin to improve your quality of life in those areas.

I will continue to use and the truth and character based concepts and materials from the LIFE business to improve mine, my family’s, and those I care about lives.  You can too!

Blessings to you,
Dave Stadel


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