The road to awesome

What if there were only two paths in life?

That’s a great question and it’s posed by the funny and inspiring Kid President in the video below.  I love the response which is; “I wanna be on the one that leads to awesome.”Two_Roads_by_Capoodra

It’s not easy to get a big dream and keep it in front of you.  It can be difficult to keep a positive attitude.  It’s hard to stay encouraged when the going gets tough.  Failure to do these things paves the the road to mediocrity, not awesome.

A great way stay on the road that leads to awesome is to listen to others talk about their dreams, struggles, and victories on the road to awesome, to read biographies and teaching from those who have achieved awesome, and to associate with others on their road to awesome.

I love being part of the LIFE community where awesomeness abounds.  For those about to chase your dreams and live an awesome life, we salute you!

Dave Stadel


One comment

  1. Greg Streuly · · Reply

    “You were made to be awesome!”
    Why did I have to be in my 30’s before I really believed that? Lucky for me, it didn’t extend into my 40’s. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to do dance…

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