Chasing time, not money

I appreciate the way the leaders in LIFE are able to communicate value based, long-term thinking which is usually opposed to the (very prevalent) time-vs-moneyreactionary, short term thinking we see around us.  In the video below LIFE founder, Claude Hamilton, shares foundational financial wisdom. I watched this video 3x in a row and found that I heard new things each time. I encourage you to do the same. Some nuggets I heard were:

  • His reference to an advertisement that says, “we finance dreams” and his comment “what?..the dream to be in debt”. Most people did not have posters of payment books and credit card bills on their bedroom walls when they are teenagers and yet as adults so many of us fullfill a short-term desire through borrowing money. Our dream was the ‘thing’ or ‘experience’ but our reality becomes the debt which lives, seemingly, for eternity!
  • So many…people end up bad off..they value money more than they value time. This is evidenced by seeing that over 95% of people trade their time by chasing money rather than creating leverage and truly chasing after more time.
  • Until someone values time more than money, I can’t help them. If someone really values time more than money, my question is what behavior are they displaying to prove it? There is a saying that goes, “To know and not to do…is not to know.”

Thanks for reading & watching (3x!)

What did you hear from Claude?

Dave Stadel


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