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I got this note today from a partner & friend, Chris Allen.  It’s an inspiring story of what a difference people are making, in part by the information, association, and inspiration from being part of the LIFE community.  Congratulations Travis and keep going!


Dave Stadel

A tribute to the LIFE Leadership Community!

A young budding entrepreneur, 20 year old Travis Allen, showed up to his first LIFE Leadership Conference in October of 2011.  What he experienced at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus Ohio would forever change the course of his life.  The leadership principles shared from bestselling authors, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and visionary Oliver Demille that fateful day inspired him to Dream Big, Lead by Example and Invest in Personal Development! His decision to enroll in the LIFE leadership subscription every month would pay huge dividends that his young mind couldn’t even imagine back then.
Fast forward just two months later he would be featured in Forbes Magazine, Hanging out with people like Sir Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra and CEO of Google Larry Page as a winner of the Google Zeitgeist Young Minds competition.  His crowning achievement came in 2012 as he self-funded, and orchestrated the first Digital Learning Revolution Bus Tour in 2012!  His victories in the face of adversity continue to inspire those around him.ischool-initiative-logo-cropped

It was just a couple of years earlier; young Travis had a dream to revolutionize education in America! It was at this exact moment that he ran head first in to a brick wall called the status quo! He was told it was a pipe-dream, it would never work, he was too young, nobody would take him seriously, no one would even listen to him, and on and on those in authority with credentials, titles, and certificates discouraged him from pursuing his dream.  Travis responded defiantly to his critics by launching his non-profit organization called the iSchool Initiative with no money outside of what he could scrape together from concerned friends and family.
It would be a long hard road of working in the kitchen at a pizza restaurant while going to school and investing everything he had left into his fledgling company.  Things went very slow at first.  He quickly began to see what he was up against as almost everything he was told began to materialize. It was true that most people didn’t share his vision.  It was true that the educational institutions were toxic toward innovation and change.  It was true that people didn’t seem to take him seriously because of his youth and inexperience in the industry.  It was especially true that young Travis needed a different environment to grow, prosper and fulfill his destiny.  

If you plant the fertile seed of a mighty oak in the Sahara desert, what chance does it have to grow into the tree it was destined to become?
A better question is… What happens when you take a young idealistic dreamer and you plant him into the fertile ground of the LIFE community?  What happens when you expose that young mind to the right books, mentors and a community of positive people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others?  

Travis decision to invest in Leadership development at such an early age and join a growing community of winners is a shining example of the power of reading, listening and associating within the LIFE community!  No matter what your vision or how big your dream is… The LIFE community can help you get there!  

As Travis Allen’s Father, I will be forever grateful to the founders of the LIFE business for launching this movement across North America that will undoubtedly touch the lives of millions of people around the world in the coming years.  

See what Travis is up to:  The 2013 Digital Learning Revolution Tour »

College Students Raise Funds to Launch a Nationwide Bus Tour this Summer to Get Students Excited About Education! #DLRTour #edreform

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