What is the Life Leadership Compensated Community?

I read a quick article by Michael Hyatt today where he rightly made the case for creating a passive income for yourself.  If you want to go read it, I’ll wait.

A significant point that dovetails into his article is this; as long as we are trading time for money (in an active income) it’s very likely we never will have as much of both things (time & money) as we would like.  The question is what to do about it.

Imagine a community of entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, life coaches, and leaders that are able to leverage each other’s talents. What if that same community served the public with their gifts and also developed hungry students to carry the torch forward? If we could then implement passive incomes streams via media subscriptions and live events containing important, life changing information…what could happen?  It would be a home run for people who like to help people and make a difference while making an income.LIFE Only

This country is in need of leaders ready to make a positive and significant difference while they develop others. That is what the Life Leadership compensated community is.  That is what we do.

The economy has hit my family like most. Thankfully we’ve had the foresight and initiative to work outside my limited active income source to develop ourselves and others while building passive income.

I would encourage you to get on track for the life you always wanted to live with LIFE.  Connect with me and find out for yourself.


Dave Stadel



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