Three talks every leader must learn

three-friends-fingersIf you are leading, you set the tone.  When you set the tone in the room you’re creating the culture in your organization.  When you aren’t around, the culture of your organization creates the results of your organization   Are you satisfied with those results?

Creating the right culture is such a vast topic we can’t cover it here, however, there are three talks you can start having right now that will make strides towards creating a more successful culture.

1. Learn to talk to others.  Be an encourager. Re-frame your people’s challenges and bad attitudes for them. Speak to them as you see them becoming, not as they are right now.

2. Learn to talk about others.  In the presence of one person, talk well of someone else.  Sometimes we call this ‘edification’ of others.  A culture of edification inspires people to do good work so they can be edified.  People crave recognition and this is a powerful way to establish that in your teams.  Speaking well of others builds trust with the person you are talking to.  They begin to realize that you won’t speak ill of them, you aren’t a gossip.

3. Learn to talk to yourself.  Tell yourself where you are going, not where you’ve been.  Talk to yourself about your strengths, not your weakness.  Learn to control negative thought patterns, first by stopping and then replacing them with something positive.


Dave Stadel


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