Time study – part 1

On a recent incentive trip with business partners, a good friend and high achiever said something that caught me off guard.  We were on a Caribbean cruise and were casually talking about watches.  I wasn’t wearing one, and rarely do.  He said that he always wears a watch and thinks that not wearing a watch is something of a statement…a statement that time isn’t important.


His comment took me off guard.  I think time is important…or at least I think I do.  Am I missing something?  Is this a blind spot?

Societal trends a that people are less frequently wearing watches, preferring to use their smart phone as to check the time.  I’d never thought much about the impact of wearing a watch, what it might mean for myself and how wearing a watch may be perceived by others.  I recent years I’d stopped wearing a watch because I prefer to use my phone.  Has that, seemingly small decision, made an impact?

His comment has stuck with me.  In the weeks since that trip I’ve become more aware of using my time, how I can better leverage my time, and generally become more curious about time.  I have yet to begin wearing a watch daily but I am on a journey to explore his position, to find out what time means to me.

I’ve inserted an interview with Daniel Pink where he discusses Time.  He’s recently release a book, When, and has some interesting research around how to make the most of  time.  What I found interesting in this interview was that it wasn’t an attack on procrastination.  Rather, Pink’s focus was identifying at what time of day people naturally do things, how time of day matters, and what we can do with our time (like take a quick nap) to maximize effectiveness.

Listen to the why time of day matters interview here 

I hope you enjoyed the linked audio and can appreciate learning about time along with me over the next few posts.



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