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Father Forgets

A Top Five book in the Life community is the classic How To Win Friends and Influence People.  Carnegie begins with his #1 principle: don’t criticize, condemn or complain.  He finishes chapter one by reinforcing the principle with the short story Father Forgets by W. Livingston Larned which is sure to tug any parent’s heart, and really bring home […]

Book Review: 1913 by Oliver Demille

I just finished the book 1913 by Oliver DeMille and really appreciated how easy it was to read, grasp the facts, and understand the underlying principles.  In this book Oliver discusses the impact of three events that happened without much fanfare in 1913, and a fourth in 1936, that dramatically changed the course of freedom in […]

Be the People, by Carol M. Swain – book review

  At the outset of the book Ms. Swain writes, “I wrote this book for the millions of hard working, honest Americans who, like me, have deep concerns about the direction of our nation. Our country is allowing cultural elites to manipulate the public in harmful ways. With our tax dollars “We The People” support […]

Book Review: Obstacles Welcome

The book is classified as a business book and I suppose it is…I’d classify it as leadership-lite taught through autobiography-lite. Through personal story, mainly professional life, the author teaches leadership principles. These are the broad range of leadership principles like overcoming obstacles, having vision, goal setting, personal sacrifice, and character. There are great leadership concepts […]

Book Review: Everyday Greatness by Stephen Covey & Readers Digest

A few months ago I received my copy of Everyday Greatness. I began reading it right away, immediately drawn to its format which allowed me to pick a subject to learn about. The book is not a continuous read; it’s a Readers Digest format which is to say it’s a collection of short (sometimes very […]