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LIFE: Empowering leaders to make changes in education

I got this note today from a partner & friend, Chris Allen.  It’s an inspiring story of what a difference people are making, in part by the information, association, and inspiration from being part of the LIFE community.  Congratulations Travis and keep going! Sincerly, Dave Stadel A tribute to the LIFE Leadership Community! A young budding […]

Book Review: 1913 by Oliver Demille

I just finished the book 1913 by Oliver DeMille and really appreciated how easy it was to read, grasp the facts, and understand the underlying principles.  In this book Oliver discusses the impact of three events that happened without much fanfare in 1913, and a fourth in 1936, that dramatically changed the course of freedom in […]

Facades, credentialists, and status

I recently heard Oliver DeMille using the term “credentialists” at a conference.  Credentialists are those who use credentials (degrees and titles) as a way to determine value of information/input from a person.  Credentailists are impressed by these titles, often failing to evaluate results.  The ramifications of ‘credentialism’ in society are pretty far reaching if you stop to […]

Changing Education Paradigms

This genesis of this post, today, is more by chance than anything. Leah authored a great blog post today and I was re-introduced to the video below. I first saw the video last year, before Leah began home schooling our four daughters (our son attends a public high school).  At the time I agreed, in […]