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Financial Matrix: The Elite’s Third System of Control

I’m re-posting an amazing article ( “Financial Matrix: The Elite’s Third System of Control”) by Orrin Woodward.  Articles about economics and history make some people bleary eyed and bored to tears while others crave the knowledge and are energized with new information.  The thing is, whether you ‘like’ these reading topics is not really the […]

What is the Life Leadership Compensated Community?

I read a quick article by Michael Hyatt today where he rightly made the case for creating a passive income for yourself.  If you want to go read it, I’ll wait. A significant point that dovetails into his article is this; as long as we are trading time for money (in an active income) it’s very likely we […]

Chasing time, not money

I appreciate the way the leaders in LIFE are able to communicate value based, long-term thinking which is usually opposed to the (very prevalent) reactionary, short term thinking we see around us.  In the video below LIFE founder, Claude Hamilton, shares foundational financial wisdom. I watched this video 3x in a row and found that I heard […]

Is 1,000 too big?

The ‘old’ economy is dead. America’s industrial age is over. Pensions are quickly becoming more extinct than Polar Bears…yet Al Gore doesn’t seem to care about that. Most 401ks have been reduced to a 201k… and I don’t know anyone that hasn’t lost confidence in the stock market. The trend in business is to outsource….scaling […]

In God We Trust

There’s no doubt that the economy is getting tight, and there’s no doubt that some of the downward spiral will continue to be caused by low confidence in the economy. We can see faith at work in our economy. There was faith (or hope?) when Americans went on a stock buying feeding frenzy that drove […]