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In the video at Real-Life Leadership Dan Hawkins emphasizes a basic principle in human relations, treat others the way you like to be treated and do it now.  In business we translate this into good customer service.   Advertisements

Dan and Lisa Hawkins share the Communication Code

I’m very proud to be partnered with Dan & Lisa Hawkins, sharing life changing information into families and communities across North America. This is a re-post from Orrin Woodwards site Dan and Lisa Hawkins share the Communication Code Dan and Lisa Hawkins have become two of the most dynamic and effective communicators in LIFE Leadership. The […]

Three talks every leader must learn

If you are leading, you set the tone.  When you set the tone in the room you’re creating the culture in your organization.  When you aren’t around, the culture of your organization creates the results of your organization   Are you satisfied with those results? Creating the right culture is such a vast topic we can’t cover it […]

The road to awesome

What if there were only two paths in life? That’s a great question and it’s posed by the funny and inspiring Kid President in the video below.  I love the response which is; “I wanna be on the one that leads to awesome.” It’s not easy to get a big dream and keep it in front […]

Book Review: Obstacles Welcome

The book is classified as a business book and I suppose it is…I’d classify it as leadership-lite taught through autobiography-lite. Through personal story, mainly professional life, the author teaches leadership principles. These are the broad range of leadership principles like overcoming obstacles, having vision, goal setting, personal sacrifice, and character. There are great leadership concepts […]