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Chasing time, not money

I appreciate the way the leaders in LIFE are able to communicate value based, long-term thinking which is usually opposed to the (very prevalent) reactionary, short term thinking we see around us.  In the video below LIFE founder, Claude Hamilton, shares foundational financial wisdom. I watched this video 3x in a row and found that I heard […]

Book Review: 1913 by Oliver Demille

I just finished the book 1913 by Oliver DeMille and really appreciated how easy it was to read, grasp the facts, and understand the underlying principles.  In this book Oliver discusses the impact of three events that happened without much fanfare in 1913, and a fourth in 1936, that dramatically changed the course of freedom in […]

Changing Education Paradigms

This genesis of this post, today, is more by chance than anything. Leah authored a great blog post today and I was re-introduced to the video below. I first saw the video last year, before Leah began home schooling our four daughters (our son attends a public high school).  At the time I agreed, in […]

Be the People, by Carol M. Swain – book review

  At the outset of the book Ms. Swain writes, “I wrote this book for the millions of hard working, honest Americans who, like me, have deep concerns about the direction of our nation. Our country is allowing cultural elites to manipulate the public in harmful ways. With our tax dollars “We The People” support […]

Is 1,000 too big?

The ‘old’ economy is dead. America’s industrial age is over. Pensions are quickly becoming more extinct than Polar Bears…yet Al Gore doesn’t seem to care about that. Most 401ks have been reduced to a 201k… and I don’t know anyone that hasn’t lost confidence in the stock market. The trend in business is to outsource….scaling […]