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Dan and Lisa Hawkins share the Communication Code

I’m very proud to be partnered with Dan & Lisa Hawkins, sharing life changing information into families and communities across North America. This is a re-post from Orrin Woodwards site Dan and Lisa Hawkins share the Communication Code Dan and Lisa Hawkins have become two of the most dynamic and effective communicators in LIFE Leadership. The […]

I don’t care

I don’t care.  Despite their apathetic sound, these three words are actually quite powerful. When I say ‘I don’t care’, I frequently mean something else.  There are times I’ve said, “I don’t care,” but what I really meant was, “I appreciate what you are saying, but mentally my plate is full.”  Or maybe I meant, […]

Lead Your Thinking

In Launching a Leadership Revolution by Woodward and Brady  state that the first of five levels in being a leader is learning.  Taking the personal leadership to decide to become a learner is critical.  By doing so you’ve begun to lead your thinking.  You’ve taken an active role to decide what will be input to […]